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We now have a unique opportunity to expand the programs we offer.  Thanks to a matching grant from the Thrivent Choice program, we can train additional small-group leaders and increase the number of training sessions we offer each year. From November 16 - December 31st,  Thrivent Choice will match $.50 of every dollar raised, and cover all processing fees.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 and Thrivent will donate an additional $5,000!

Will you help us expand our programs by donating today?


Here at St. Louis Reconciliation Network, we are driven by a single goal: to heal the broken race relations in St. Louis.  We primarily do this by striving to network all of the faith-based organizations in the St. Louis region that are doing the difficult work of bringing racial unity, education, and equality to our great city.  We also specialize in equipping church leaders and faith-based non-profits with biblically based tools to lead their organizations in godly conversations about race and build cross-racial unity in their congregations and organizations.

" that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me..."

John 17: 23 (NIV)


Black and White Students


Jn17 Intensive is a one day in-depth coaching on racial unity and the church.  The purpose of Jn17 Intensive is to equip church leadership with the biblical tools to lead their church body in godly conversations about race and build cross racial unity in their congregation.  With this training, leadership will learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable conversation about race while discussing current, historic, political, and systemic racial issues.  They will also brainstorm and strategically create ways to promote ethnic unity in the church while addressing issues that may arise -- all with a Christ centered response.


Jn17 Small Group is an 8-week journey toward unity in your church.  Its purpose is to give Christ followers the opportunity to talk about race in a loving and safe environment.  We use the book Multiethnic Conversations, a biblically based training resource.  The end goal is that every person will gain a greater biblical understating of God's desire for racial unity, become equipped to do the work of reconciliation, and build new diverse relationships.



The Race For Reconciliation is our annual 5K run/walk.  The goal of this event is to promote racial unity in St. Louis though a fun activity for participants of all paces.  


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